Tips for Beginners to Take Care of Fish

February 8, 2019

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Having an aquarium enhances the appearance of your home. Taking good care of fish is not complicated but one should not assume that they automatically know how to take care of fish. As a beginner, it is imperative that you learn the basic tips to ensure that your fish are not only well behaved, but they are also happy.

Give Them a Calm Environment

When it comes to fish environment, there are three main things that you should check. The stress levels, the kind of water and cleanliness. Do not expose your fish to loud music, large groups of people or animals and direct sunlight. This will bother them. Actually there are some species that you should never rear if you have a big family with kids or you play loud music.

Consider the acidity and the temperature of the waters for your fish. If the environment is not conducive for fish, they may struggle with health, some will fail to breed and in worst scenarios they will die.

Learn About Fish Mixing

There are two things that you should consider when thinking about mixing fish. One is the size of the fish and the other one is if they compete for food. There are reasons why you should be careful when mixing fish.

  • Some will compete for food
  • Some fish will feed on others especially if they are smaller in size than them
  • Some species will fight other species
  • Some species thrive better if they live on the own

Changing the Water

You should not wait until the water looks murky for you to clean the tank or change the water. One thing you should do is learn more about the fish species that you have or planning to keep. This is because it determines how often you should change the water. Some will require you to change the water more often than others. Changing water regularly will make the environment more fish-friendly.

The Kinds of Food

Remember that there is food for fish. There are varieties and thus you should get the most suitable. It’s easy to think that you can give your fish leftovers from your kitchen. Ensure that you know the ideal foods to avoid starving or harming the fish.

Keeping fish can be interesting and fun but this cannot be if you do not know how to take good care of them.