Maintaining Water in an Aquarium

April 16, 2018

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This may not be easy as it sounds. A first-time pet fish owner may make a mistake when it comes to maintaining water. Many people will change all the water in the tank at ago which should not be the case. The most important thing about changing aquarium water is to ensure that it is changed periodically but not all at ago.

How Much Should Water Be Changed?

As much as the water in a fish tank should be changed regularly, the right amount is what should be changed but what is the right amount? Changing all the water at ago could lead to fish shock thus it is advisable that about 10 to 20 percent should be changed every week. The water that should be added should not have chlorine.

Why Is It Important To Change The Waters?

Nitrates and ammonia can generate when the fish water is contaminated. Contaminations happen when you overfeed the fish and they cannot finish the food as well as when they excrete. This contamination is toxic and will kill the fish at some point.

What to Ensure the Water

The water that you plan to add to the fish tank should be fresh. It should not contain chlorine and the temperature should not differ from the water left in the aquarium. A few minutes should be allowed before adding the water which should be added in bits. Adding too much ago will disturb your pet fish.

Can Changing All The Water In The Tank Affect The Fish?

Yes, it affects the fish in a huge way. Water properties will change and the levels of temperature will fluctuate. This is harmful to your fish thus it should not be an option.

Is There a Maintenance Tool?

There is a maintenance tool that you can use to manage the aquarium. This is called an aquarium siphon that can be bought in most hardware stores. It will help in periodic change of water and is less stressful unlike when you are using a bowl to remove the water.

Learn how you can measure the water parameters when changing the water in your aquarium. Doing it the right way and ensuring the water is safe will enhance the safety of your fish. Changing water in a fish tank should not be a one-off event but rather a regular one with the right procedures followed.