There are many ways that you can take care of your fish and one way is adding tank hoods to your fish tanks. You will not only create better conditions for the fish, but it will also be easier to take care of them. If you have fish pets, consider adding a fish tank hood over the tank for these reasons. These Perth pet shops have plenty to choose from. You can try your local store too.

  • Better Housing for Lighting

Proper lighting is good for the pet fish and any plants that could be inside the tank. At times it may not be easy to place lighting tubes in the tank but when you have a fish hood over it, it becomes easy to house these tubes. Lighting enhances the appearance of the aquarium and bring it to life.

  • A Safer Environment for Fish

Cats, dogs and kids can make pet fish uncomfortable and even attack them. If the fish tank is open, you will find them jumping out of the water and at times they may land in a not so safe place. With a fish tank hood, it prevents your pet fish from escaping or jumping out, protects them from attacks and makes them feel more secure.

  • Maintains Proper Temperature in the Tank

When the water temperature keeps fluctuating, this makes the environment uncomfortable for the fish. Although room temperature may depend on the time and season, a fish tank hood will help to regulate it. This …

Fish pets require a bit of work when keeping them. The environment that they are in should not be stressful as this could lead to discomfort and eventually death. Apart from ensuring that the water in the aquarium is safe and suitable for the fish, it’s vital to give them appropriate food that is safe for their health.

What you need to know about Feeding Fish

Did you know that the breed of your pet-fish determines when you should feed them? This is because different types of fish have varying feeding needs. Some will feed better at specific hours while others will eat at any time. While buying food, ensure that you buy the right ones as there are varieties to choose from.

What is the Right Amount to Feed?

The type of fish-pet you have will determine the right amount of food to be fed. This is because while some may eat a lot of food, others will just have a pinch. Avoid estimating the amount, but rather, get the facts right for the good health of the fish. Enquiring from an expert and researching fish feeding while keeping in mind the breed will help you understand better.

What are the Different Types of Fish Food?

There are different types of fish food and this is the reason you should purchase the right one. There are flake foods that are easy to use, freeze-dried, pellets, fresh foods, frozen food, and dried seaweed among other types. These foods are good …

As fish lovers, we know all too well about keeping the right temperature for our pets. Depending on what fish you keep in your aquarium, you need to ensure the water temperature remains in the safe zones all year round.

During winter a submersible heater or heaters can usually do the job of increasing the temperature. But when it comes to summer and keeping your tank cool that is a different challenge altogether.

This is exactly why you should consider a mini ducted air conditioner. Wall-Mounted air con is cheaper, yes, but you do not get the same level of climate control as you do with a ducted system.

With the different air conditioners in the market, most homeowners find themselves wondering which unit they should take. One of the best choices today is a mini ducted air conditioner that comes with plenty of benefits.

Ask about it from your local aircon expert. They can help find the best solution for your budget and requirement.

Ducted Air Con Are Usable Throughout the Year

One of the best reasons to choose this air conditioner is that it maintains the temperature at a constant level, unlike its counterparts. Some will actually go and off frequently which is something that you will not experience with mini-duct air conditioners. Whether it’s during winter when it’s extremely cold or in summer when it’s hot, the unit functions to keep the house warm and cool respectively.

Hidden Vents & Silent Operation

The best thing about ducted …

Many kids get fascinated to be around pets and especially the playful ones.  While most homes will have a dog or a cat as a pet, there are other great options such as pet fish. As a parent who wants to give their children a pet fish, it’s imperative that you choose the best type and also teach them how to take care of their new pet. There are plenty of them to choose from.

What is the Best Pet Fish?

There are varieties of fish that can be kept as pets and are kid-friendly. All you need is to help your kids and teach them how to take good of their fish. 

  • The GoldFish

One of the most common pet fish that you will find in aquariums is the goldfish. Your kids will also love them due to their colorful appearance. There are also different varieties to choose from. 

  • Cat Fish

This is another common pet fish. If you are planning to get your kids a large aquarium, then you may consider getting them catfish. One thing to note with this kind of fish is that you should not mix the small ones with the red-tailed ones. The advantage of catfish is that you may choose the most preferred ones depending on the size, type, and color. 

  • Barbs

For another colorful pet fish, the barbs come in handy for your little ones. Due to the fact that they are beautiful and active at the same time, this will make …

If you want to keep pet fish in your home, you must have a fish tank. This way and all the care considered, your fish will be comfortable. You need to ensure a healthy environment for your fish and choose the right tank size. It’s important that you consider what a quality fish tank is for you to offer a suitable environment to your fish and avoid premature deaths.

It has to be Sturdy

How will the fish tank hold up water tightly if it is not sturdy? When the tank is not sturdy, you can rest be assured that your fish will be uncomfortable. This will also prevent any possible breaks.

It has to be of the Right Size

Being of the right size does not mean that the tank is small or large. It simply means that the tank has sufficient room to hold the fish. Experts recommend that the tank should be big enough as it is also easy to maintain it. The reason a small fish tank is not recommended is the fact that water must be changed more frequently, it’s a challenge to cycle them, they do not hold plenty of fish and with regular cycling, and they become unstable.

The Tank is Water Tight

This is one of the most essential qualities of a fish tank. If the tank is not water tight, there will be leakage which reduces water and this means that the fish will have a challenge surviving. Oxygen will reduce …

Having an aquarium enhances the appearance of your home. Taking good care of fish is not complicated but one should not assume that they automatically know how to take care of fish. As a beginner, it is imperative that you learn the basic tips to ensure that your fish are not only well behaved, but they are also happy.

Give Them a Calm Environment

When it comes to fish environment, there are three main things that you should check. The stress levels, the kind of water and cleanliness. Do not expose your fish to loud music, large groups of people or animals and direct sunlight. This will bother them. Actually there are some species that you should never rear if you have a big family with kids or you play loud music.

Consider the acidity and the temperature of the waters for your fish. If the environment is not conducive for fish, they may struggle with health, some will fail to breed and in worst scenarios they will die.

Learn About Fish Mixing

There are two things that you should consider when thinking about mixing fish. One is the size of the fish and the other one is if they compete for food. There are reasons why you should be careful when mixing fish.

  • Some will compete for food
  • Some fish will feed on others especially if they are smaller in size than them
  • Some species will fight other species
  • Some species thrive better if they live on the own

Koi fish are beautiful and quite interesting to watch. The one thing about rearing koi fish is you can either keep them inside or outside. When you decide to have these fish, you should ensure that you meet their basic needs such as maintaining the quality of water, having a spacious pond and feeding them the right way. Ensure that you take good care of them.


Ensure Proper Feeding

Proper feeding should be adhered to. Apart from being fed the right foods, the right amount should be given. When feeding Koi fish, ensure only the right amount is given to avoid leftovers and overfeeding. Leftovers will end up messing the quality of water which should not be happening.

Besides the amount of food, proper feeding for Koi fish involves the right amount of proteins. Get more information from an expert on how much protein each fish in different stages should consume. This will help in having healthy fish.


Maintain the Water Quality in the Pond

You need to create a conducive environment for the fish. This can be achieved by monitoring the quality of the water. Installing a skimmer system and a pump in the pond can help with this.

Regulating the nutrient density which includes nitrates and phosphates, balancing the water temperature and the light status in the pond will help in creating an excellent environment for your koi fish.

Have the Correct Pond Size

You Koi fish needs to feel comfortable. Do not restrict their movement

Have you been thinking about getting a pet? If yes, then you are going to benefit from this article. Many people think getting a pet and taking care of it is easy. Well, that is not entirely true. You see, taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility.  

Before getting a pet, there are some important things you need to consider.  

One thing you need to have at the back of your mind before getting a pet is that your entire life is going to change as soon as you bring a pet into your home. Pet adoption is a long-term thing.  Most pets can live up to twenty years. This means that your pet is going to be around for a long time.  

You are definitely going to have to make some lifestyle changes before adopting your pet.  Below are some things you need to give thoughts to before bring your cat or dog home.  

Do I really need a pet? 

Why do you need a pet? This question might not run through your mind when you stare into the eyes of an adorable puppy. But really should sit down and do some soul searching before adopting a pet. Always have it at the back of your mind that getting a pet is a huge commitment. 

Which breed will fit your lifestyle? 

Getting the first dog or cat that caught your attention is not really a good idea. Sometimes it is good to be realistic and realize that

Tips on Having a Pet Fish

April 23, 2018

Different people will look for different kinds of pets. Fish are beautiful and wonderful as pets and the best thing is that they do not require much from you. Once you give them a relaxed atmosphere and feed them regularly, you will enjoy having a fish pet.

Why Having Fish as a Pet

There are many reasons you should have a pet fish. These reasons make it a popular pet for those that do not want much commitment with their pets.

  • They are fun – Pet fish are fun to have around as they will not bother you
  • They are soothing – Just looking at them is enough to fall in love with
  • They are beautiful – Fish are very beautiful and especially when you chose those with unique colors
  • They are peaceful – You will not have to deal with unnecessary noise levels in your house

What Are The Things To Do?

  • One important thing to do when planning to keep pet fish is the tank size. You need a tank that will keep the water stable whether the heater is broken or the filter is clogged. This means that the tank should neither be too small nor too large.
  • Get the fish that you wish to keep. Go for the kinds of fish that are easier to maintain such as cory cats and cardinal tetras. They do not require too much from you. You can either buy them or get them from lakes.
  • Ensure that you feed them

This may not be easy as it sounds. A first-time pet fish owner may make a mistake when it comes to maintaining water. Many people will change all the water in the tank at ago which should not be the case. The most important thing about changing aquarium water is to ensure that it is changed periodically but not all at ago.

How Much Should Water Be Changed?

As much as the water in a fish tank should be changed regularly, the right amount is what should be changed but what is the right amount? Changing all the water at ago could lead to fish shock thus it is advisable that about 10 to 20 percent should be changed every week. The water that should be added should not have chlorine.

Why Is It Important To Change The Waters?

Nitrates and ammonia can generate when the fish water is contaminated. Contaminations happen when you overfeed the fish and they cannot finish the food as well as when they excrete. This contamination is toxic and will kill the fish at some point.

What to Ensure the Water

The water that you plan to add to the fish tank should be fresh. It should not contain chlorine and the temperature should not differ from the water left in the aquarium. A few minutes should be allowed before adding the water which should be added in bits. Adding too much ago will disturb your pet fish.

Can Changing All The Water In The